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"Every time I use the service, it's easy to book with consistently excellent service. I rave about LA Pet Sitting to anyone willing to listen. Look no further; these guys are the best."

~ Margo S., Mount Washington

"Everything about LA Pet Sitting was great! Letizia was awesome and gave us a real peace of mind while we were out of town. Will absolutely be calling again."

~ Taylor C., Eagle Rock

"Hinu is so great! She's been taking care of our cats for several years now and she always texts with cute photos and keeps us informed. Her notes are thorough and the apartment always looks great when we get home. She deserves top marks across the board."

~ Brian F., Hollywood

"Hinu was very communicative and attentive. The cats seem to really like her and are quite affectionate towards her. The house was perfectly clean and everybody seemed normal and happy when we returned from our trip. In the few times we've used the service, everything has been consistent and great. Will definitely continue to have Hinu as our pet sitter as long as she's around!"

~ Stephanie S., Highland Park

"Tim understood my additional written instructions left at the house with no problem. He cleaned up unexpected messes and it was a great relief to leave the house and my cat in his care.

~ Kelly P., Pasadena

"I appreciate the details on how the cats were from day to day that are on the form left when I return. I can also tell from these that Letizia gives individual care to the two who have very different personalities and needs. They are always happy to see me when I get home, but they never seem as if they were upset by my absence."

~ S.V., Hollywood

"Michelle really could not be a better pet care provider! She goes above and beyond, not just doing what we ask but extra things like washing our dishes because she saw some ants on them, and bringing in the mail. She obviously has a personal touch with the kitties, which comes across in her texts about how they are doing. They seem happy and satisified when we return."

~ Kira B., Eagle Rock

"Tim is awesome and always sends us picture updates, and we feel extremely confident leaving our pets and our home in his care. Happy to have found you all :)"

~ Megan L., Glassell Park

"Both Nikki and Ruth have done a phenomenal job of taking care of our cats! We love getting updates and pictures while away. And we know they have done a great job because when we return, our cats are relaxed and barely even have noticed that we are gone! They enjoy lots of attention, play, and exercise and it's clear that they always get that."

~ Rebecca B., Eagle Rock

"This was our first time using LA Pet Sitting and we are very pleased with Kim. The 3 cats are shy and Kim actually got them to come out during her visits. We came home to find our pets very relaxed. I really like the email updates from Kim, it gives us peace of mind that the pets are being cared for and getting their mediations. Thanks Kim and LA Pet Sitting, we'll see you next time."

~ Deb P., Highland Park

"Kim is always incredibly thorough. Our cat is relaxed and happy when we return home from any trip away. We feel very reassured knowing our cat (and home) are being looked after."

~ Hannah C., Highland Park

"Very comforting to know our pets were well taken care of. MUCH better for our Bulldog, no stress! Also good to know the house was looked after."

~ Felicia M., Mount Washington

"They did a great job! They gave our needy cat the care and affection that she needed and took very good care of her."

~ Susan Y., Pasadena

"This was my first time having Brooke as my Pet sitter and I found her to be a very thorough and caring person. She showed this in her care for the animals. They really took to her when she first met them. That's important. I also loved how she kept a log daily of her visits while I was away. It really showed me how her interaction with my cats changed every day. Each visit they got more comfortable with her and she wrote down personalities that only I would know about the cats, which proved that she had taken the time to get to know them. That's important. Thanks Brooke I will be using you again very soon. You're great!!!"

~Irene P., Mount Washington

"Brooke is great. I'm really relieved to have found reliable help and to know that my kitties are cared for when I'm gone."

~ Christina C., Pasadena

"Brooke got my suspicious, timid dog Rollo to sit in her lap. That says it all, as far as I'm concerned."

~ David M., Mount Washington

"I appreciate your initial meeting and getting to know me and my dog. You are very comprehensive and instill confidence."

~ Jeff B., Elysian Valley

"Fripp was very happy when we got home, but not too needy like he can be after a trip, which shows that he got A LOT of love and attention while we were gone :)"

~ Christina U., Silver Lake

"Brooke is amazing and the girls just love her, even Mollie. Her updates are thorough and I truly appreciate the communication."

~ Crystal K., Eagle Rock

"Everything about your service was fantastic. I didn't worry about Raja at all when I was away and the email update was such a nice touch! I would use your service again in a heartbeat."

~ Sarah S., Pasadena

"The service was excellent in every way. Our cats were well cared for and were in very good health when we returned home."

~ Jeffrey K., Adams-Normandie

"Brooke was very thorough and caring, paying great attention to the details before the trip and providing detailed updates while I was away."

~ Colette H., Mount Washington