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Danielle » I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where me and my mother rescued loveable strays from the city streets. I spent most of my life with cats and have become a true meow whisperer! If you have a shy or feisty feline, you can trust that I will be able to take care of him or her and have them purring on my lap in no time. But I am not only proficient with cats; I grew up with lizards, frogs, fish and have been walking dogs for many years as well. While cats are my first love, I currently live with a poodle-terrier mix and love taking pups on hikes! So whether you've got a purrrrfect house cat, a rambunctious pup or something of a more exotic variety, you can count on me to take the utmost care of your sweet pets!   Request Danielle

Ryan » Being born in Detroit I have had many opportunities to work with animal shelters and rescues. I've had an abundance of experience fostering and rehabilitating unwanted or deemed unadoptable animals, which ultimately led them to their furever homes. I have personally owned a vast variety of cats and dogs, and have helped care for others’ reptiles, amphibians, fish and rodents. I moved to California 4 years ago to live and help work on a farm in Trinity County, where I had hands on experience with all forms of livestock. I have a passion for the well being of all plants, humans and animals alike. I've worked with animals of all shapes and sizes, personalities and temperaments. Whether it be animal training, walking, feeding, sitting or bathing—I am always up to do the task within the highest standard achievable. Organization is my strong suit and being on time is my initiative.Request Ryan

Sky » Growing up as a part-time farm girl I developed a lovely connection with animals. From age 3 I would visit the ranch on weekends and learn all about the care and attention they needed, and eventually I was helping feed and groom the horses, goats, chickens and dogs. Throughout my life at home my mom and I would also adopt the sweetest cats, hamsters, rats, and rabbits. Although sometimes it could be a dirty job, it is always easily worth it to see them comfortable, clean and happy! These pets brought me to see how important it is to give equal love and empathy to any animal, and so I became very conscious of using cruelty-free products and eating a vegan diet. Today I am living in the city with my rabbit, Bun, who is potty-box trained and loves to snuggle up in bed eating bananas. Most of my pets have started out shy, but with some extra love and attention they always seem to open up to me and we're cuddling in no time! So whether your furry baby is hyper or shy, I feel positive that we will get along purrfectly!Request Sky

Adrienne » I grew up on a small farm in Rhode Island and our family consisted of, at almost all times, two dogs, three cats, ducks, chickens, geese, a rabbit, parakeets and fish. We even rescued a baby skunk one time. My parents instilled in me and my siblings a compassion for animals. My very first paying job was dog sitting for the neighbors and now I pet sit for friends and co-workers. I have a genuine love of animals, from chihuahuas to newfoundlands, and understand that an animal is more than just a pet; they are a member of your family and need a best friend to help take care of them. You can trust that I will give your pet as much love and attention that you give them yourself.Request Adrienne

Hinu » I grew up right here in sunny Los Angeles, California. My twin sister and I had all sorts of little pets growing up. We had white mice that would ride on our shoulders as we explored our neighborhood. We had snakes that escaped their cages and slithered next door to scare our elderly neighbors. We had a bright green macaw that was beautiful but only knew how to show affection through biting. But my favorite pet when we were growing up was my grandmother’s dog, Rasta. She was a Chow, and enormous. We'd ride her around the house when we were small enough and just walk beside her once we were too big. She was the sweetest, most loyal dog I've ever met. Though I’ve lived in many places around L.A., I’ve always been close to the Arroyo Seco Stables, where we board our wonderful horse, Bonnie. Having a father that loves horses means that I spend almost all of my free time with them, riding, grooming, and training. I am also the very proud owner of a beautiful fat fluffy cat named Merlin, who I adopted from the Pasadena Humane Society two years ago. I love meeting new animals, and forming lasting relationships with them. I’m excited to meet your pet and make a new friend!Request Hinu

Brittney » I have always had an inimitable love for animals. Growing up, I had both cats and dogs varying in breeds, sizes, and personalities. My passion for animal welfare increased as I grew older, and has influenced my daily life in many ways. Consequently, I became a vegetarian nearly eight years ago, and I make a conscious effort to be a responsible consumer of products and clothing I purchase, in order to ensure that animals are not harmed in the testing or production. In July of 2015, my husband and I adopted our two tabby fur babies named Hemingway and Huxley. They are not simply my cats; they are my sons. While Huxley is a sweet boy, he often instigates mischievous behavior, and has made a permanent dent in my couch cushion because he enjoys napping in the exact same spot every day. Hemingway enjoys his daily massages, and loves to lay on his faux fur blanket, no matter what the temperature is like in our home. All my life, I have found solace in caring for my furry family members; therefore, you can trust that I will care for your pets as I would care for my own, with love and safety in mind.Request Brittney

Letizia » I grew up in Northeast LA and always seem to have a rescue animal in my life. It started out at age 7, when I found a shaggy black puppy wandering alone in Eagle Rock Park. I convinced my parents to let me keep him, and he ended up being a part of our family for the next 16 years. I’ve also had many cats, fish, and a bird throughout my childhood. As an adult, I spent some time working as a dog walker and also for one of Southern California’s largest cat rescues. During my time there I learned to care for cats with special needs and appreciate the diverse personalities that cats can have. I currently live with two energetic kitties and a standard poodle who loves hiking, swimming, and going on all sorts of adventures. I’m excited to meet your pets and give them the same care that I would give to my own.Request Letizia

Tim » All my life I have been an animal lover. Growing up on a horse farm in New Jersey, I began to care for animals at a very young age. As a child I adored my lizards, fish, hamsters, and hermit crabs. Our cats and dogs were members of the family, and I can still remember vividly, the night I was awoken by my parents to witness the birth of a beautiful foal. Today I have 2 wonderful dogs, Ella & Saul, who I walk every day through the hills of Mt. Washington, where I have found and recovered lost dogs and cats numerous times.That's how I adopted Saul after finding him distressed and lying helpless in the street. I always try to assist when I find a stray animal and view it as an obligation to help all strays that cross my path. Request Tim

Priscilla » For as long as I can remember I’ve had a great love for animals. At a very young age, my sister and I would yearn to bring in cats that were homeless. We adopted our first cat, Tiger, when I was only 6 years old. Throughout the years I would bring in cats off the street. I have also had many fish and turtles as pets. I was able to perform TNR (trap, neuter, rescue) for the cats we cared for in the neighborhood, one of which I was able to take in, and named her Brownie Boots. She had four kittens which I was able to find homes for, but still cared for them for about 5 months while they found a forever home. I’ve volunteered at Casitas Sanctuary in Atwater Village in the past, which is the shelter where I found my first cat. I also took in, Pickles, a funny, fluffy Persian cat who was very old and needed fluids due to a kidney problem. I believe she was happy being in my care until she passed. I have provided pet sitting services for friends, family, and for others professionally, from taking care of cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, and birds. The close relationships I made with the pets as well as the owners are something I cherish very dearly. I know how it feels to be worried about a pet while away because they are part of the family so you can be greatly assured that you pet will thrive while under my care. I am very grateful for this opportunity that LA Pet Sitting has provided me with. Request Priscilla

Michelle » Hello everyone! I moved to LA from New York 2 years ago. I've been taking care of cats and dogs since I was little. My family always had cats and I adopted a husky back in college. I was a pet sitter in New York and now in LA. I have a great deal of experience taking care of pets—from feeding, petting, walking, to grooming and more. They are such adorable babies and I just can't have enough of them in my life. I'm an actress and a producer when I'm not pet sitting. I'm outgoing, humorous, easy to communicate with, and patient. I get compliments for been a very genuine person. I'm looking forward to take care of your pets soon. Request Michelle

Michelle » A funny anecdote my mother likes to mention about my childhood is that I used to say I wanted to marry a cat! These were my words when I was five years old. My life since then has felt like an ongoing, happy companionship with all animals alike, but especially cats, as I had my first cat at the age of 9. I started volunteering at animal care locales such as Casitas Sanctuary in Atwater Village and PETCO (who are associated with Kitten Rescue) on and off throughout the years. The first time around I worked with the cats in “The Peach Room”. Those cats were struck with various types of illnesses and I found it upon myself to make sure these cats were the focus of my volunteering. The second time I volunteered with Casitas Sanctuary I photographed cats and became more involved with the cleaning aspect of the sanctuary (clean home, happy cats!). I soon became a pet sitter for various clients and continue to do so. The close relationships I have formed with the owners and my supervisor attest to the great customer service skills I provide. In addition, I have taken in many stray and shelter cats and have provided TNR for a bundle of cats that resided outside of my last home. I currently own one gorgeous cat, Choco, two curious turtles and one super sweet dog, Obie, and continue to love and care for them diligently. I am very passionate about allowing animals to thrive in their environments and to help them in any way possible. My love and passion for them will extend to yours and I’m elated to continue meeting new pets and owners. Request Michelle

Carolyn » As a LA native, I have come across all different types of pets from dogs to chinchillas and have yet to find a furry friend that I don't like taking care of. Growing up with three family dogs, I learned at a young age how important a pet's role can be in someone's family. I began pet sitting at the age of 18 during my time in San Francisco, for a part timecollege job. During my time as a pet sitter, I'vecared for many different types of pets with differentbehavior issues such as dementia, food aggression,weak joints, etc. I’ve learned with trust and patience, any pet whether it is a dog or chinchilla, will warm up to their caretaker. I understand the anxiety of leaving your pet alone during the day or while your going on a trip, I would love to be the sitter to ease your mind and take care of your furry friend. Request Carolyn

Nikole » For as long as I can remember, my family and I have always owned one to two dogs at a time. All with such varied personalities. Currently, I own two mixed breed dogs. Both crave the active outside world as I do. So, hiking with my dogs and friends on the many trails in and around LA is what I like to do on my spare time. Growing up, my family and I have also owned birds and loads and loads of fish. For years, my neighbors and I have taken upon ourselves to take care of the "wild" cats that roam in and out of our houses. Occasionally in the past, I have pet sat for family, friends, and colleagues. I recently moved back from living in NYC for two years. I can't help but appreciate the opportunity to spend quality time with my dogs, compared to living in a stuffy small apartment with two other roommates. Thank you LA Pet Sitting for giving me the opportunity to meet fellow pet owners and their pets! I look forward to caring for your pet(s) as my own. Request Nikole