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Abby » Hey, I’m Abby! I’ve been doing dog and cat care for 5 years, in and out of my home. I got my dog Nyla when she was a puppy, and raising her inspired me to learn more about how dogs think/behave. I love spending time with animals and getting to know their individual personalities. I know how to listen to dogs well, understand them, meet them where they’re at, and show them compassion at all times. My favorite part of pet sitting is heaping pets, praise, and attention on animals so they know they are loved while their human is away.   Request Abby

Christine » My family adopted a yorkie and named her Gem, and I grew up with her from 1996~2010. Since I was an only child, Gem was more than just a pet to me. She was my sister. We grew up together, I fed her, cleaned after her, we went out for a walk together, I played fetch with her, we did EVERYTHING together. Having to let her go was indeed THE MOST heartbreaking thing that I have EVER done in my life. Since her passing, I've been giving my love to other furbabies including my ex-sister-inlaw's chihuahuas, my ex-boyfriend's best friend's dog and cats, and my cousin's yorkie shitzsu mix. 13 years later I still miss that connection I had with Gem and I hope to have the same with other furbabies.Request Christine

Amy » I was born and raised in Colorado by parents who valued the natural world. Our family vacations were frequently spent visiting national parks throughout the southwest. My parents also supported my love of nature and animals by allowing me and my brother to have many pets, including dogs, cats, Guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks, fish, turtles and mice. In high school, I worked as a veterinary technician where my knowledge of caring for animals was enhanced. I also developed an interest in training our family dog. This interest continues today as I am raising a large Kuvasz (Hungarian Livestock Guardian) named Luna whose energy and playfulness seem unbounded. We have earned several AKC titles in scent work, tricks and canine good citizenship, and are hoping to start classes in agility soon. I also have a little grey cat named Loki who is learning to tolerate his giant canine sister. When I travel, nothing is more important to me than the safety and wellbeing of my pets. My goal as your pet sitter is to make you feel that your pets are safe and well cared for. I am detail-oriented, neat and thoughtful. I will respect your home and care for your animals with tenderness and love.Request Amy

Zuri » As an LA native, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that “fur-babies” not only exist but are a way of life. Pets can become an integral part of your family because of the real value and love pets bring to enrich our lives. I know this firsthand growing up with pets whom I have cherished throughout the years. I love interacting and taking care of animals and, it’s something I find immensely rewarding. Whether it’s pet-sitting or walking your pet, I know the importance of spending time with them and showing affection. I have a genuine connection with animals and I treasure time with them. Sadly, my apartment does not allow pets so I fill that void by volunteering at the German Shepherd Rescue on weekends and pet-sitting for friends/family. I am looking forward to meeting your pet soon!Request Zuri

Ashley » My family always thought I was the troublesome child in the family, mostly because I would bring strays home from the street and bring them back home to nurture and provide shelter for them. I would create and put up signs reporting a found dog or cat in the neighborhood in hopes of returning the lost fur-family member. As a child I was a cat-mom, spending my time with my cats, learning how to bottle feed the kittens, and providing support for the overwhelmed cat mother. At some point me and my family cared for up to seven cats, six dogs, and a red ear slider turtle so I have experience with a variety of pet-personalities.I have tried my hardest to raise healthy and happy cats for as long as I could remember. My oldest cat, Sylvester, lived 18 long and happy years. My childhood dog, Scrappy, developed cataracts that were too risky to be surgically removed due to her age. Instead of putting Scrappy through the unnecessary risks, I personally trained and taught her new commands to help guide her. You may say I was her seeing eyehuman. All my childhood pets were strays that I took in and they live(d) long happy lives. I attempted to foster and heal little Oscar here, from a construction site, and to eventually find his forever home. I did not intend to keep my dorky fur-baby, but apparently he had other plans. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your fur-babies.Request Ashley

Bridget » Hi! My name is Bridget and I am a dog mom! This precious baby is Pegasus, named after my favorite Disney movie: Hercules. Although I currently only own dogs, growing up I used to joke with anyone who asked if I had pets saying that I did—in fact that I had a ZOO at home. My home was a safe place for dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, fish, birds, baby chicks, bunnies; you name it—all with very different and interesting personalities. Growing up I wanted to become a veterinarian because there was no hiding my love for animals but as I grew older I realized that although being a vet means helping animals, the job also has its difficult days where you have to preform procedures that I just knew I did not have the heart to. So, I decided I would change my career path and although I did, my love for animals did not change in fact it grew more. I know these precious beings are not just pets, they are FAMILY and a very big part of us and our daily lives. I hope you give me the great pleasure of caring for your family the way I love and care for mine.Request Bridget

Lexie » Hi! My name is Alexia, but my friends call me Lexie! I grew up with four cats and a dog, and was always pet sitting for family, friends, and neighbors. I’ve lived in four cities, and everywhere, friends and family have trusted me to take good care of their pets. This is my kitty, Lucy, I rescued her near Disneyland! She is my baby, and I don’t know what I would do without her. I know how important our animal companions are to us, so I know how important it is to give lots of love and care as I watch over your furry family!Request Lexie

Diana » Hello, my name is Diana! I am committed to providing reliable and compassionate pet care services to your furry family members. I grew up on a ranch in Northern California, where I was fortunate to be surrounded by a variety of animals. I was responsible for the daily care of our chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats. I also enjoyed observing the local wildlife, including lizards, snakes, birds, coyotes, and deer. This upbringing instilled in me a deep appreciation for all animals and the importance of providing them with respect, love, and care. I understand the importance of having someone reliable and trustworthy take care of your pets. I currently have a 3-year old chihuahua mix named Angelo, who I adore and cherish. I'm committed to treating your animals with the same love and care that I give to my own pet, and I'd be delighted to provide you withRequest Diana

Addy » Hi! My name is Addy and pictured with me is my buddy Scooter! I grew up in Michigan surrounded by nature and many different critters including dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, and hamsters, instilling a life-long connection to all animals. I'm an experienced city and nature dog walker and many friends' and family members' go-to sitter! I always aim to make all fur babies feel safe and extra cared for while their guardians are away. Looking forward to meeting you and your beloved pets!Request Addy

Lorena » Growing up in LA, I owned a wide variety of different pets from a duck, a rabbit, a toad, a turtle, a frog, and a dog, to all different types of fish. It wasn’t until I was given the love of my life, my cat-son, Timber, that I realized just how much I loved animals. I quickly became the go-to pet sitter for my family, friends, and coworkers. They entrusted me with their guinea pigs, birds, turtles, rabbits, cats, and dogs while they were away. I cherish the individual personalities that each animal has and I’m looking forward to meeting and becoming best friends with your pet. They are sure to get extra special attention and love when I stop by for a visit!Request Lorena

Nicole » Most people know me as a “crazy cat lady” due to my unending love and fascination for cats. However, my affection extends towards all animals ranging from dogs, rabbits, even chickens. I used to be scared of dogs when I was a little girl, but my boyfriend’s three dogs showed me how loving and adorable they can be. I am now a “mama” to a sassy little chihuahua named Lilo. Furthermore, with my experience in caring for a variety of animals, I am confident that I can provide exceptional pet care while making sure that your furry/feathery/scaly family member stays happy and healthy! Request Nicole

Emily » Hey there! My name is Emily; H (Saint Bernard) and Finn (DMH) are my family. I have been in animal care for about 6 years. Apart from working with them, I grew up with livestock, rabbits, aves, tortoises, iguanas and of course; cats and dogs. My first encounter was at my local animal shelter and from there I just knew that anything to do with animals and its welfare is where I want to stay. Proactively caring for the overall well being of animals has been one of my strengths throughout the years. Your pet(s) are already a part of my family and can’t wait to meet you! Request Emily

Aaron » Hi there, I'm Aaron, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the LA Pet Sitting pet care team. As an experienced pet sitter with seven years in the industry, I understand how important it is to provide top-notch care for your furry friends. I've been a proud pet parent to my husky, Juno, and my Russian Blue cat, Scout, for years, and I know firsthand how much love and attention our animal companions require. Growing up with Great Pyrenees dogs, I developed a deep love for large breeds, and I've since cared for a wide range of pets, from cats and turtles to birds, fish, and lizards. I'm dedicated to ensuring that your pets feel comfortable, happy, and well-cared for while you're away. Thank you for considering LA Pet Sitting, and I can't wait to meet your four-legged (or two-legged, or no-legged) family members! Request Aaron

Genna » As someone who is highly sensitive and in tune with the rhythms of this world, I have always had a special connection with animals. I grew up with 1-3 cats (depending on the year) and watched them all fight sickness and injury with strength and grace. I personally identify most closely with cats, as I am calm, strong-willed when I need to be, and full of love. I also love to hang out with dogs and have cared for birds and fish in the past as well. When I meet a new animal friend, I approach them calmly and with care, and I am often met with surprise from pet owners at how delicately their animals react to my energy. I have experience cat-sitting, house-sitting, and dog-walking for the past couple of years. I recently moved down to Los Angeles from Berkeley, and I can't wait to make new animal friends in this area. Whether it's a cozy cuddle sesh with your kitty or an exhilarating walk with your pup, I'm ready to help with all of your needs! Request Genna

Dottie » Hi! My name is Dottie and I’m so excited to meet you and your precious pets! I just absolutely love all pets and animals. They melt my heart! I grew up in the Midwest and lived in Florida prior to moving to California. I’ve always had and cared for pets my entire life while growing up, including dogs and cats and bunnies and guinea pigs and fish just to name a few. My fur babies are my life and I enjoy caring for other fur babies as if they were my own. My 13 year old Lhasa Apso, Mister Louie, is my heart and my little shadow. I have 7+ years experience as a professional pet sitter as well as caring for my family and friends pets while they are away, and over the years have even been the designated mom to my kids’ school classroom pets over weekends and holiday breaks. I know how important of a decision it is to leave your precious fur babies in my care. I love sending photos and videos and leaving messages to give you the peace of mind of seeing and knowing that your precious babies are being loved as my own and well taken care of and happy and safe. I enjoy providing all pet care services whether it’s daily walks and visits and play/cuddle time or extended vacation visits or overnight stays in your home or mine. I am also a licensed realtor and will treat your home with respect and care. I’m so happy to be a part of the LA Pet Sitting team. Looking forward to meeting you and your precious pets! Request Dottie

Gary » Hi! I grew up with cats and dogs and just love love love animals. I'm with Nico, my bestestest cat friend! I will be more than happy to give your wonderful pet all the love it deserves and more! Request Gary

Glenn » My experience with animals is both personal and I’ve always been an animal fan, from dogs and birds to cats and snakes. If you’ve ever seen the movie Best in Show, I’m all those characters blended together. I have three dogs myself, and also have fish and a flock of lovebirds. My love of animals has been enhanced by years of volunteering at the Pasadena Humane Society, where I have had training and experience in helping and nurturing every kind of dog imaginable, and Shadow Hills Riding Club where I have helped take care of horses, goats, pigs and other animals. One of my dogs is diabetic, so I’m well versed in administering injectables, eye drops and oral medications, and I understand the need to find a sitter who cares about your pets as much as you do. Your pet’s health, safety and happiness is my highest priority.Request Glenn

Ashley » Hello! My name is Ashley, and I am currently a doctorate student seeking to balance my academic and personal life. I have grown up with a variety of animals such as turtles, reptiles, fish, dogs, cats, hamsters, and I have found no matter what animal it was I loved them all the same. I enjoy traveling and keep active, and I try to incorporate my adventurous spirit into my everyday life and daily activities by trying new things and traveling to new places. I currently have two cats I rescued named Cat and Bubbles, and I would not know where I would be without them. I am happiest when I help others, and I have a long history of pet-sitting for my friends and family-friends when it is needed. I am dependable and loving and will take great care of your animals and treat them most kindly.Request Ashley

Keely » Hi, I’m Keely! I’m a passionate animal lover born and raised in Ojai, California and I’ve lived in LA since 2018. Growing up in a home surrounded by my three beloved dogs - a gentle giant, a regal lady, and a pint-sized cutie - I learned the ins and outs of taking care of pups at a young age. We would also take in any rescue dog that needed a temporary home, so our house was always bustling with tons of paws and wagging tails. I’m also a huge cat lover my first pet ever when I was a toddler was my Calico cat ‘Pink’! I’ve also had pet rabbits, chickens, and guinea pigs, so I really know how to take care of animals of all shapes and sizes. I’m excited to have the opportunity to meet and care for your furry best friends and ensure that they have the best experience while you're away!Request Keely

Ilsy » Hello Creatures & Hoomans, First, a big thank you! I would like to thank you for listening at this time, and would like to let you know that my big importance is the safety of your loved animal! A little about me, my name is ilsy with an i, I’m 23 years old, and I’m born and raised in North Hollywood. I’ve had many MANY animals in my past time, and living in a small apartment most of my life it trained me to clean up after my pets. I’ve had 15 birds, 2 bunny rabbits, 2 turtles, and 10 dogs. I’ve never owed a cat per say, but I have a neighbors cat that always come by my home and I feed him and provide shelter if the kitty ever needs it. I’m a loving, caring, compassionate, goofy, and most of all responsible pet sitter. My goal is to build a bond of trust with you and your furry friendly family member. I cannot wait to set up a meet & greet with you and your pet soon!.Request Ilsy

Rogann » I come from a pet friendly family and have had dogs all my life, I also had cats for a while. I moved to LA in 2021 but am not able to get a pet myself right now, I took care of my own cats and dogs and for other people. I would like to give my free time to your furry friend to play, walk, belly rub and much more.Request Rogann

Javier » Hi! My name is Javier. I grew up in Echo Park. Growing up, I had a few pets such as birds, hamsters, fish, a turtle, and I fostered and rescued a dog back in 2015. I've always had some sort of animal within arms reach and I really enjoy spending time and caring for them. The unspoken bond between human and animal is certainly something special. However, I understand that we can't be there 100% of the time. I hope I can bring the attention and care your pet needs until you return home to them.Request Javier

Nadya » Hello, my name is Nadya and I can’t wait to meet you and your furry babies! I have great experience with pets - I was providing pet care services for dogs and cats for 3 years, full-time, while living in New York City, that included daily exercises (walking/running), feeding, overnight stays and boarding at my home, and just visits with emotional support during owners’ absence. I always follow the instructions of any pet care needs and after every walk and during boarding I love sending tons of pictures and videos to the pets' owners to ensure them that their baby is doing amazing, so you can have peace of mind while being away. I also provided occasional cleaning services in the event of accidents and often was giving pets a bath. I absolutely love all the animals, love going on walks (beach/hike/parks), feed and play. I'm a very responsible and reliable person. I have basic knowledge of animal behavior. I'm flexible with timing and in a great physical shape. And I love to be outdoors! And I’m sure your pet would love that too!!!Request Nadya

Jennie » Hi there! My name is Jennie, and I’m a freelance writer who has always balanced my creative profession with work in my local communities. I’m a recent transplant to Northeast LA from Brooklyn, and my absolute favorite thing about California is being closer to nature, including animals. I adopted a rescue mutt named Disco in 2020 (yup, classic pandemic pup), and I could not be more aware of how sharing our lives with animal family is essential to wellness. Disco loves to cuddle, climb mountains, swim in rivers, and play with his friends. I have a lot of friends who are touring musicians, so I’ve been caring for cats, reptiles, fish, goats, chickens, even hedgehogs and seahorses, my entire life. I know how important it is to have peace of mind when you're away from home, so I strive to be someone a pet looks forward to seeing. I’ve also worked on Northern California farms, and am always nerdily reading books and articles on animal psychology. I pride myself on my kindness, patience, open-mindedness, and attention to detail. I know everyone’s home and pets are different, and I strive above all else to be curious, adaptable, and dependable.Request Jennie

Jon » Hi, I’m Jon And this is Lilly (puppy) my newest member of our family and Chuy (cat) the queen bee of the household. I have 5 years experience pet sitting for friends and family. I love making new pet buddies, and want to ensure they are as happy as can be. I’ve always had a love for animals and connecting with new furry friends. Pets are great companions and I look forward to meeting many new buddies! I have a passion for the outdoors. In my spare time, I love being outside walking, running or hiking.Request Jon

Josh » Hello! My name is Josh Wetzel and I really enjoy hanging out with pets. I have spent most all my life around animals and I have experience with many different types of pets. I've spent most all my life around dogs, especially my own two Rocky and Sadie. I love my dogs so much! I have experience working with friends to foster dogs and I have plenty of experience when it comes to dog sitting. I can't wait to meet and create relationships with your pets! I know how important dog sitting is and how great of a responsibility I have. I will care for your pets just like my own.Request Josh

Julia » Hi there, my name is Julia and I have always been an animal lover. I grew up on a farm and I was always surrounded by animals which made me very happy. Horses, cows, cats, dogs, rabbits, you name it. Currently I have 3 beautiful kitty cats. My beautiful rescue girl, (Momo, pictured) my sweet tuxedo boy, Chomper and my newest rescue, my spicy redhead Nash. My kitties are definitely my children and they are all extremely loved and well taken care of. Throughout the years I have worked in pet sitting/dog walking and I loved every second of it. Animals tend to gravitate towards me and I am so thankful, I always do my best to make them feel safe and loved. It would be my deepest honor to have you entrust me to look after and care for you fur babies, they deserve the best love and care possible. I can't wait to meet them!Request Julia

Keith » I grew up in Syracuse NY and on the weekends we would go to either my grandmother's farm or my aunt's farm where I developed my love for animals and the countryside. We always had a cat in our family and later poodles (my mom's favorite kind of dog) and so I became very accustomed to the responsibility of taking care of animals and their different needs. When I moved to LA I missed having a companion animal and became involved with cat rescues from city shelters. All of my Kitties lived healthily until about 20 years old and I hope to provide that kind of caring and attention to your animal family members too!Request Keith

Kristen » Hello! My name is Kristen Dopieralski. I was born in Washington, DC but have lived in Los Angeles for the past 6 years. Growing up, I had a wonderfully sassy half-siamese/half black cat named Dinah. We named her after the adorable kitty in ‘Alice in Wonderland’. She was my family’s loving companion for 18 years, and lived with us across the globe in Egypt, Japan and Virginia. In college, I rescued a gray kitten that had been wandering around a pumpkin patch. I fostered him for a few weeks with my roommates. We tried to find him a home in the area without luck. During winter break, I brought him home. My sister took him to a vet for a check up—then fell in love with him and adopted him! Over the past year, I’ve spent many months caring for a friend’s cat while she had to be away. He is a special little boy, and requires unique care. He’s taught me a lot about cat health and emotional wellbeing. I’ve also cared for my sister’s dog over the years who has required extra behavioral attention. I’m very organized and meticulous. A true animal lover, I can’t wait to share my compassion with your pets.Request Kristen

Kyle » Hello! My name is Kyle, and I've been surrounded by a variety of pets my whole life. Over the course of my childhood, my family had four goldfish, two dogs (a beagle and a German Shepherd), five cats, and a few different hamsters and gerbils. I also started earning some side dollars at an early age when I offered to watch all the pets in the neighborhood whenever people were traveling, which exposed me to cats, iguanas, birds, and even spiders to care for. It fostered in me a love for all kinds of animals and an understanding of the trust and confidence required to leave your home and treasured items in the hands of another person, and I've strived with every job to provide that peace of mind.Request Kyle

Michael » Hi! I’m Michael, but around here they call me Cat Butler. I’m originally from Baltimore, and when I wasn’t playing on the mean streets, I was rescuing critters - owls, foxes, you name it. I became a cat-father almost two decades ago when I met my wife, and if anyone tells you that being overprotective of your fur-babies is unnecessary, don’t believe them! Although I live with cats, I’m also very experienced with dogs of all kinds, and I understand how much they need activity and attention. I’m also type A when it comes to cleanliness, and I will make sure your pet’s environment is immaculate. I’m incredibly sensitive to their every need, and would love to help look after your pet in your absence.Request Michael

Jillian » Hello, my name is Jillian and I am a proud cat mom to 2 little angels (Mango & Axl). I have never met an animal I didn’t love! I love animals so much that when I was backpacking around Southeast Asia back in 2017, I fell in love with a rescue cat in Thailand and decided to adopt her (Mango). Then in 2020, I rescued Axl from a local LA shelter because I saw his picture and instantly fell in love with him. They have now become the best of friends. Growing up I had a rabbit, cat and dog along with a hamster and fish at various times. When I was in college, I was having serious animal withdrawal since the dorms/apts did not allow for pets. So I decided to volunteer at an animal shelter in between classes. I would also volunteer to pet sit my neighbors and friend’s pets when they would go out of town. I would love to get the chance to care for and love on your babies while you are away!Request Jillian

Lisa » Hi! My name is Lisa and I’ve been an animal lover since I was very young. I’ve always had one type of pet or another. I’ve had experience with many different animals (domesticated and undomesticated) including having worked at an equine hospital every other weekend for 12 years and helping at a ROP animal care center (undomesticated animals). Among my personal animal rescues are a hawk, two ducks, a chicken and a crow. My current pets are the following: MoJo an offtrack Thoroughbred (ex-race horse) turned jumper; Sugarplum (Sug) my tuxedo kitty, BunBun (Buns) my rex rabbit, Tiago my Sun Conure and Bruiser my Russian tortoise. (Sug, Buns and Bruiser are rescues.) I consider my pets to be part of my family and treat them as such. I realize how much trust one puts in the person that will care for their pets and I take great pride in the love and care that I provide animals. I will treat your pets as if they are my very own and I look forward to meeting them!Request Lisa

Martika » Hello, my name is Martika. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I love to hike, do some yoga, and plant. I am a current graduate student and dedicated my education and interest to animals, either domestic or wild. I had various pets of my own, such as my cat, Snowball. I love and care for different domestic pets, whether dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, or even reptiles. I treat other pets as if they were my own and give them unconditional love. I am looking forward to meeting you and your pets!Request Martika

Eula » Hello, my name is Eula!! I have been in the animal care field for 13 years. I have rescued animals since I was a teenager and from there I decided to work with dogs, cats and a few reptiles for the majority of my life. From taking care of animals through their boarding stays to giving them medications. From bathing and vaccinating animals to working with dogs in doggy daycare centers. I have worked with different age groups of dogs and cats, from puppies/kittens to seniors. I have worked with different temperaments in dogs and cats, from fearful to highly energetic. I provide love. I provide what your baby needs and wants. I provide two hands to give them lots of cuddles and scratches or if they want to distance and need some space, I will not rush them or force them to like me. I give my time through walking, playing, cuddling, canoodling, petting your furry baby. All animals are unique and I provide what your baby(s) needs as an individual.Request Eula

Michael » Hello. My name is Michael. My immediate family moved to the U.S.A. from Cuba when I was two years old and we have lived in Los Angeles almost all my life. (My brother and sister are my older siblings.) Although my mom insisted we achieve fluency with English, we are all bilingual as well. A neighbor’s dog had puppies and one of them—who I named KimChi—was my first dog. A Maltese and Shih Tsu mix—a little dog with a big personality. The little guy pictured in the photo is my current dog, Chicharone. (Yeah, I know… “what’s with the food names?” It’s cause I love to cook) Cheech and his mother were in a box dumped in a field and a co-worker fortunately noticed them. Cheech has been my furbaby for 12 years. I share a duplex with my friend, Dan, and over the years I’ve helped him care for his five blind or deaf and/or senior dogs and 2 feral kitties. I love all our furred, feathered or scaled friends and would love the chance to meet and pamper your pets. I am at the top of all my friend’s and family’s lists whenever one of them need pet and/or house sitting, so I have plenty of experience.Request Michael

Michelle » Hi friends! I’m Michelle and I can’t wait to connect with you and your beloved pets. I’m passionate about animal welfare and after years of caring for my friends’ fur babies (and human babies), I’m excited to turn my passion into a purpose. My buddies describe me as ‘big hearted and compassionate’. I would describe myself as kind and curious with a calm energy and thirst for adventure! I’m pretty intuitive with both animals and people which allows me to cultivate connections with ease and understanding. I grew up around horses, and dogs and cats have always been a huge part of my life. Having said that, I’m nuts about all living creatures (except for earthworms don’t ask). I’ve volunteered at various animal charities over the years and currently foster which I LOVE - apart from the giving them back part... At the moment I have Saffron and Marge living with me, two formerly feral kitties who’ve spent the last year decompressing and learning how to socialize. This has been such a beautiful and rewarding experience that’s required immense patience, but both girls have come so far and I couldn’t be more proud of them! To wrap it up; I believe all animals deserve love but above all, respect. My promise to you is to honour that should I be entrusted with the care of your pet. So, whether you’re looking for someone to quietly cuddle your tabby or hike with your energetic lab, I’m your girl.Request Michelle

Pilar » My name is Pilar and I am originally from Washington DC. I have been professionally caring for pets for many years and have always had pets in my household since I was a child (both cats and dogs, I had a turtle, fish, and a few hamsters!) This is me and my cat Mango, I rescued her and brought her back from the Philippines! I have worked for several different dog walking and pet sitting companies, including managing one of them for a few years. I am always the go to person for my friends, family, and neighbors whenever they need pet care as well. Animals are an extremely important part of my life, I couldn’t imagine life without them. I have cared for all kinds of animals of varying ages, with all kinds of temperaments and personalities. I am very comfortable around animals and like to think that I am able to make them feel comfortable around me. No pet is too big, small, difficult, easy, young, old—I love them all and always enjoy the opportunity to get to know a new animal friend! My priority is to always make sure both your pet and you, the client, are 100% comfortable. I will love and care for your pet as if they were my own and I keep open communication with all of my clients at all times. Can’t wait to meet you and your pets!Request Pilar

Paulette » Hi there! My name is Paulette but everyone calls me Paw. I was born and raised in Highland Park, CA. I found my love for animals at a very young age and my passion has lead me to working and volunteering with a dog rescue for over 15 years. There is no dog too big or too small, although pitties hold a special place in my heart. My passion has given me extensive experience in caring for others beloved fur babies. I believe our dogs are family and the unconditional love they provide should be returned. My personality is centered around being a animal lover and always being Pawsitive. I'm thrilled for you to trust me with your fur babies.Request Paulette

Shannon » Hey, there! My name is Shannon and I am an LA-based pet lover, pictured here with my sweet rescue Umami. I grew up in households with several cats, but it was through my years spent as an animal shelter volunteer and dog walker/sitter that I gained experience with other species. It is of the utmost importance to me that clients feel safe and comfortable granting me the privilege to take care of their pets and homes. I have a deep appreciation for meeting new pets and learning about their unique personalities, and look forward to meeting with you and yours!Request Shannon

Ramona » Hi! My name is Ramona and have been a lover of cats since I was five with my first kitty, Fluffy. I’ve had 7 kitties since then! And this includes a couple of ferals (Creampuff and Spunky) that I adopted. Though I love animals, I have a special place in my heart for cats. Over all those years of having pet kitties, I’ve formed a connection with them and have come to know their behaviors, personalities, and how to socialize with them. In fact, whenever I meet someone with a pet kitty, their kitty and I become friends very quickly. I decided to do pet sitting because I have a passion for cats and I wanted to work with one of my passions. My pet sitting experience is with cats but I’ve looked after a couple of the smaller breeds of dogs. Regardless, our pets are family members and we love them as such. I will take care of and love your pets as if my own. Thanks for stopping by and look forward to meeting you!Request Ramona

Sarah » Hi my name is Sarah. Growing up I’ve always wanted animals but my parents wouldn’t let me. As I moved out when I was 18, I got my own pets. I own 6 meows, a parrot, and a dog. I don’t know what I would do without them. They have so much love and affection. I have a few clients of my own for dog walking and pet sitting since 2014. I love this job which makes me happy and would love to get more clients and experiences. I love being outdoors and workout regularly. I treat the animals like they are a human. Leaving your pets at home alone can cause them so much stress and anxiety causing them to become destructive, depressed, and/or excessively hyper. Your fur babies will get attention, love, and exercise!Request Sarah

Sarah » Hi my name is Sarah and to say I’m an animal lover is an understatement. I grew up surrounded by animals. Currently I have 2 sweet kitties of my own with my husband. Our adorable orange rescue boy Tabby (Starlord,) and our sweet rescue girl Tabby (Tinkerbell, pictured) who is currently 17 and healthier and more active than ever. My cats are my children and are EXTREMELY well cared for and spoiled. Over the years I have also become the go to pet sitter/dog walker for friends, family, neighbors, and employers. Animals tend to enjoy being around me and I LOVE being around them. I’ve also cared for a wide variety of animals. From exotic birds, ducks, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, lizards, snakes (I’m actually that weird girl who loves snakes) to tons of adorable cats and dogs (big and small). I also have a particular love for large dog breeds because I grew up with a gentle giant 175lb Great Pyrenees named Goliath who was the family protector. I know pets truly are family and deserve the best love and care available. It would be my absolute pleasure for you to entrust me to care for your furry (or not so furry) family members and I can’t wait to meet them!Request Sarah

Shangita » Hi my name is Shangita and I have been a cat guardian for almost 20 years, as well as the proud parent of parakeets and lots of fish! I fell in love with animals in high school after volunteering at numerous animal shelters in the New Haven, CT area, and caring for my local feral cat colony with the Branford Compassion Club in Branford, CT. I have experience with both indoor and outdoor cats, and those with special needs, diets, behavioral issues, medical issues, etc. I am dedicated to providing a compassionate, enriching, and nurturing environment for your beloved furry family members while you are away from them. When not spending time with furry friends, I am a dedicated surfer and musician. I am currently fostering a lovable Bengal/tabby mix named Bro Cat who loves to accompany me during my early morning pre-surf workouts. I can’t wait to meet your PAWWWsome loved ones!Request Shangita

Gabriella » Hello, I am Gabriella, but most people call me Gab. I am originally from Los Angeles, spent many years in San Francisco and returned to LA in 2004. I am mom to 1 teenage human and 2 purrr babies. Chiken is turning 18 and came to our home when he was 11. Oreo is approximately 10 and she came to our home a few months before Chiken. Oreo was a rescue and did not come out from hiding for the first 6 months she lived with us. It took a lot of love, kindness, care, and special treats to get her to trust us, and now she spends most of her time at my feet. Chiken on the other hand is a puddle in your lap and will sleep on your head at night—very loud purrrrr kitty. I have had cats in my home my entire life and have also been mom to a rabbit for 8 years and a few mid-size dogs over the years. When I was a kid, one of my favorite places in San Francisco to go hang out was called "The Farm" where Iearned how to milk a goat, collect chicken and geese eggs, and helped with small rodents and mammals like hamsters and rabbits. Over the years, I've also helped friends and family with small bird care, on a few occasions small rodents and mammals, turtles and goldfish a few times. I look forward to giving love and care to your non-human family members.Request Gabriella

Sabrina » Hi my name is Sabrina and I love to make furrever friends wherever I go and even ones that aren’t so furry. I love animals and being outside more than anything. This is a favorite kitty friend from one of my regular walks. She has a home but loves spending time with me whenever I come by and sometimes I have to keep her from following me home. I have tons of experience with dogs and cats. I grew up with them all my life and have had two German Shepards, a Boxer, Terrier mix and too many cats to count as well as some fish and amphibian friends. I am very skilled at medical care such as injections if ever needed because one of my beloved cats was diabetic and needed injections twice a day. I truly enjoy taking care of pets when their owners are away and give them the love and care they deserve so they don’t feel lonely and have all their needs taken care of. As a pet owner myself, I love the relief of knowing my sweet angel is in good hands, so it’s a sheer pleasure to do the same for others. I look forward to meeting you and yours!Request Sabrina

Victoria » Hello, my name is Victoria and I am an animal person. I love all pets and animals. When I was growing up, my house was full of pets (dog, cats, rates, reptiles) and I enjoyed taking care of them and spending time with them. Now I have two rats and I love them very much. I always wanted to work with animals or pets, because it makes me really happy to be around them and take a good care of them. It would be my pleasure to take care of your pets, I always find a key to any pet I’ve met so far.Request Victoria

Adrienne » I grew up on a small farm in Rhode Island and our family consisted of, at almost all times, two dogs, three cats, ducks, chickens, geese, a rabbit, parakeets and fish. We even rescued a baby skunk one time. My parents instilled in me and my siblings a compassion for animals. My very first paying job was dog sitting for the neighbors and now I pet sit for friends and co-workers. I have a genuine love of animals, from chihuahuas to newfoundlands, and understand that an animal is more than just a pet; they are a member of your family and need a best friend to help take care of them. You can trust that I will give your pet as much love and attention that you give them yourself.Request Adrienne

Sinead » My name is Sinead! I am a local LA native and can’t imagine a world without animals. My hobbies include gardening, cooking, and hanging with my fury friends. I have several years of experience with dogs, cats, and even fish. No breed is too big, too small, too hyper or too anxious for me. I myself am full of energy and enjoy sharing it with pets but I am also a master of adaptation. We grew up on cats and dogs in our home and it is where I was raised on the ideas of patience and empathy. Aside from my love of animals and nature I have ample professional experience in the workforce. I am punctual, consistent, and attentive at all times. It’s always in the details! I am very much looking forward to meeting you and your pets :)Request Sinead

Sunny » Hi, my name is Sunny and this is Charlie! I rescued him and his brother, Mac, shortly after moving to LA from Boston for grad school. Their mom was neglected so she had her kittens outside in a safer place, meaning my boys were feral for the first few months of their lives. They came to me fearful of all humans, running away at the slightest approach, but after a few months of love, chin scratches, and treats, they are now the most adoring kittens ever! My love for animals has always been strong, and I usually win over even the shyest of pets. I have a huge soft spot for pit bulls, my mom’s service dog is one and he is sweeter than pie. I have experience pet sitting for dogs, cats, fish, and hamsters and I love going on long walks with a pup. I can’t wait to meet you and your fur baby!Request Sunny

Valerie » Hi, my name is Valerie. I have always loved animals. I may be a dog person by nature. My family always had dogs, and then when I was 10 or 11, I got Peruvian guinea pigs and rabbits. I spent a summer with my aunt who had lots of ducks. I loved seeing them waddle up from the pond. I liked to help feed them. I house sat for a family many years ago and I took care of their 19-year-old cat. I had never really been around cats, but I fell in love with her. When I moved to Los Angeles from the Washington, DC area, I soon became the proud companion to a beautiful little guy named Ellington who lived with me for 18 years. After Ellington died, I met Oliver. I put my hand in the cage and he put his paw out and we have been together for 5 years. Ellington and Oliver have enhanced my life. I have given them all the love and care that I could. I can imagine how important your loved one is to you. I will do my best to see that your animal companion is cared for and content. I will be concerned about their safety. I would treat them the way I would my own. I am currently in graduate school to become a chaplain. I enjoy watching and listening to birds.Request Valerie

Anthony » Hey! My name is Anthony. I will admit, my superpower is that all animals love me. I am high energy, always laughing, I love everything around me—basically I'm a Golden Retriever in human form. In the past, I have volunteered at Villalobos in New Orleans and spent plenty of time volunteering at the SPCA in Manama, Bahrain while deployed out for the U.S Coast Guard. I grew up with dogs from terriers to frenchies to Australian Shepherds. But simply, I love and care for all animals. Steve Irwin was my idol growing up and I live my life through his ideology. Thanks for reading and I can't wait to be friends with your pet! Cheers!Request Anthony

Azul » Very fortunately, I have been blessed to live a life surrounded by wonderful animals. Since I can remember my family and I always had a dog or a cat around. In my opinion, it was only only a matter of time before I’d start to put all of my animal caretaking experience to good use. As soon as I could start dog walking as a child, I did. My apartment neighbors who had a Borzoi that stood taller than me at the time were my first clients. When we moved and I started going to high school, I began to petsit my friend’s family’s animals when they’d go out of town every few months. After I graduated, I worked (still work) as a freelance editor for music videos and films and found myself working for clients who eventually I’d petsit/housesit for fairly regularly. Somehow at nearly every point in my life (so far) I’ve found myself with a pet close by. In my experience, I’ve come to learn that every animal I’ve met is truly unique and different. They all require a deep attentiveness and a strong sense of security in their relationships with their people and I wish to give them that. My pets have saved me so many times and kept me from falling off the edge. It feels only right to pay it back the best way I can and give some extra love and attention to the pets out there that really need it.Request Azul

Rebecca » Hi! My name is Rebecca. I just moved to LA, and am so excited to meet furry friends and get to know the city. I moved from Oklahoma, where I recently graduated college. I am pursuing an acting career, and am so grateful to pursue my dreams while doing a job I love—taking care of pets! I adore dogs and cats with all my heart. I grew up taking care of animals, and always knew I wanted to love on dogs and cats in my future. I have experience with small dog breeds such as havaneses and corgis, as well as big breeds like pitbulls and dobermans. I have lived with all types of animals, as well as petsat, walked, bathed, and fed friends dogs and cats. I am committed to treating every animal I take care of with love, respect, and kindness. I can’t wait to meet you and would be honored to take care of an important part of your family—your fur baby!Request Rebecca

Saule » Hello, My name is Saule. I’m a big lover of animals. The lovely animals are my passion. When I see dogs, cats or birds I cannot just pass by without saying hello to them. They are our little friends and I think we should give them everything we have, since they don’t ask much from us. All they need from us is care and love. Originally I’m from Kazakhstan and I grew up in the farm. We had so many animals and my mom was a great example how to take care and treat our little friends. We had a dog, cat, cow, sheep and chickens. I always had fun spending time and playing with them. You could see the joy in their eyes and this made me so happy. All my friends know they can leave their little friends with me knowing that I will be watching them right. I work in the office and in my spare time I would love to spend time with your pets. I will be delighted to walk, play and take care of them. And trust me they will be happy as well : )Request Saule

Sandra » Hi! My name is Sandy. I adore all kinds of animals and enjoy caring for them. I have 3 dogs and a cat myself. We love to hike and play. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to provide loving care to your pet. I am also a registered nurse and am very comfortable with caring for your special needs pet. That includes administering treatments and medications. As a foster mom for a dog rescue I have much experience with this and love doing it. Your pet’s welfare is my highest priority. I look forward to working with you!Request Sandra

Eli » Hi, I’m Eli! I grew up with a love and respect for animals instilled in me from the very beginning. I was my parents’ second child, after our West Highland Terrier, Chester. When I was a kid I used to draw comic books about Chester and his various adventures, which he never read but I like to think he appreciated. We later adopted two other dogs, Smokey and Scooter, and I considered myself to be one of four brothers; we did almost everything together. Now, being around dogs brings out that same attentiveness and playfulness in me. I’m always extremely zeroed in to their needs and emotional well being. Pictured is myself and Echo, my good friend who happens to belong to my other good friend. Having dog sat Echo recently I can tell you that few things have brought me more pride and fulfillment lately than making sure this little guy had the best week ever (well, as best as it could be without his mom there), and I can assure you that I’ll do the same for your little bundle of fur!Request Eli

Jaime » I have experience with dogs, cats, rodents and reptiles - there isn’t an animal I’ve met that I didn’t love! I have always owned dogs and grew up helping with my family’s dog grooming business - through this I have become familiar with a wide range of breeds, ages, and health needs ranging from active young pitbulls to gentle senior small breeds. I have an especially soft spot for senior dogs as the most special connection I’ve had with an animal was with Layla, a sweet, playful shih tzu who I provided daily medical care for into her old age. I would be honored to give love and care for any of your animals with similar special needs. I also lead a very active lifestyle and would be happy for your more active furry friends to join me on a walk, run or hike! In addition to working with dogs, I have spent a lot of time house sitting and caring for cats, reptiles, and rodents. I myself currently am an enthusiastic rat owner and can be trusted to treat similarly misunderstood animals as if they are my own. I am very flexible in my schedule and the kind of services I can provide and I look forward to meeting you and your pets!Request Jaime

Haley » Hello! My name is Haley. I am a voice actor and 12 year resident of Los Angeles, hailing from the midwest. I'm the person at the party finding the pet first, carrying cat treats in my purse (just in case), and ogling your dog from across the patio. I grew up with animals my whole life and could never imagine living without one... hello, free therapy! I have experience with so many different breeds of cats & dogs, ailments, and special needs... I've seen it all. I'm the go-to girl for all my friends and family for pet sitting their furry friends and look forward to bringing the same care and love to yours.Request Haley

Naira » Hello, I am Naira and I am a skilled animal lover with a lifetime of experiencing in caretaker roles. I’ve been a mother, a caretaker for the sick and elderly, and of course a caretaker for animal companions of my own. Unfortunately I am no longer with my dogs, so it brings joy, love, and purpose into my life when I care for the pets of others. I hope I can do that for you and I promise to treat your animal companions like family.Request Naira

Sophia » Hello there! My name is Sophia Rodriguez, and I am a pet owner and animal lover born and raised in Los Angeles. I have owned several dogs throughout my life, and have also had fish, hamsters, and rats. Right now, I’m the proud owner of a senior dog and two rabbits. When I’m not caring for my own pets, I’m helping my boyfriend with his three cats. I have been pet sitting since 2017 and I am excited to meet even more furry friends!Request Sophia

Ting » Hey there! I’m Tingyu. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been an animal person. I moved to Los Angeles early 2017 and have been living in Pasadena since then. Besides petting animals, I also love reading, hiking, going to flower markets, and exploring different coffee shops. In my opinion, animals always give us their purest love and they deserve the same. I’ll make sure to give your pet(s) playtime/pets/ scratches once they feel comfortable with me. Looking forward to meeting you and your precious pet(s)!Request Ting

Tatiana » Hello, my name is Tati! Ever since I can remember, I have always loved animals. As a child, I lived on a farm where I took care of a variety of animals like dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, and birds. I've also cared for multiple aquarium tanks and helped maintain and create habitats for aquatic life. I currently have 3 cats and a dog that I take care of with my partner. They have brought so much happiness to my life, they are my entire world! I am committed to providing reliable and thoughtful pet care services. I understand the importance of trusting someone to care for your babies. I am excited to be able to help you while you are away and love them as if they are my own!Request Tatiana

Vanessa » Greetings! My name is Vanessa and I have always loved being surrounded by animals. Growing up, I spent my summers at my uncle's ranch; helping him milk the cows/goats, cleaning the chicken coops, collecting eggs and feeding the livestock. My family and I have always had pets in our home - parrots, turtles, fish cats and dogs. I have a 9 year old chihuahua named Mr. Feeny and a 9 year old cat named Evangeline. As a pet parent myself, I would treat your fur baby as if they were my own. Looking forward to meeting you and your pets soon!Request Vanessa

Yuka » Hi my name is Yuka and I am the lucky mom of 2 rescue cats, Bear and Penguin (Penguin is camera shy). I am a huge animal lover and have been since I was a kid. Most kids had imaginary friends when they were younger, my imaginary friends were all animals since my parents didn't let me have any pets. As a teenager I finally convinced my parents to get a dog and ever since then my childhood home is always full of dogs and cats! I previously worked in the fashion industry but I always knew I wanted to eventually work with animals. My life is so fulfilled now being around animals all day! I look forward to meeting you and caring for your fur baby!Request Yuka

Ana » Hi there! I’m Ana, a passionate animal lover with years of experience owning and caring for pets. From my beloved cocker spaniel to living with dog mom roommates in New York City, I’ve always been surrounded by furry friends. My deep love for animals extends to cats too, thanks to my recent experience living with a cat and helping friends with their feline companions. I find immense joy in playing, walking, hiking, and cuddling with pets. As I can’t have my own pet at the moment, I’m eager to spend more time with animals and help others. Trust me to provide reliable and compassionate pet sitting services—your furry loved ones will be in capable and loving hands.Request Ana