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Warren » I’ve lived in the San Marino/Pasadena area my whole life and throughout that time, there has never been a time when I haven’t had a cat or dog. I’ve personally raised my own cats and dogs, each with a unique personality. I’ve cared for some crazy cats and some very large dogs. To have a pet sitter care for your pet well makes leaving so much more comfortable, and I've definitely experienced my fair share of poor pet sitters that has pushed me to be the best pet sitter I can be. There is nothing more important to me than the relationships we form and that 100% extends to our pets as well as each other. That was something I felt from a young age and definitely carried into adulthood as I love caring for pets. People who know me know that I am their go to pet sitter when they go out of town or just need some help. I love spending time with animals and keeping them happy, healthy, and active is such a rewarding experience. My own dog, Rue, is my best friend and I get excited just to make her happy and comfortable. I look forward to meeting your pet and doing the same for them!   Request Warren

Cecilie » I was born and raised in Norway, but have been in LA for 20 years. I got my first pet, Pia, the runt of a Bichon Friseé litter, when I was 7 years old. She was my best friend growing up and I took her everywhere. During college here in LA I had Nursket and Rufus, two adorable dwarf hamsters. Then came the amazing Winkie cat. My boyfriend at the time and I found her on a highway in Texas. She had fleas, ear mites and was missing an eye. At the time we hadn’t thought about adopting a pet, but this one for sure wasn’t going anywhere! When I met my husband he had Jerry and Mylo. A spunky Chihuahua/Dachshund and the most elegant kitty. Two years ago we adopted a litter of four lovely gray kittens, Sterling, Willow, Aspen and Lily. And our sweet baby kitten Roselyn came from a shelter in Las Vegas six months ago. Sadly Mylo and Winkie are no longer with us. Every day I am grateful for our beautiful little souls that bring so much joy to our life. They make everything better. To care for them is one of my greatest pleasures. It is always hard to leave them, even for a short while. I can’t wait to share the way I care about my loved ones with yours.Request Cecilie

Franz » I absolutely adore all animals, they are a gift in this life! I’ve always been around animals since I was a child, from rabbits to dogs. When I was in 4th grade I remember begging my parents for a dog and this big fluffy German shepherd / lab sweetheart changed my life! I have plenty of experience and have built trust with my neighbors taking care of their cats and walking their dogs. It’s the greatest feeling getting a shy animal to open up to you and I really have a knack for that! I’m a full time artist and part time petsitter. I am patient, passionate, careful, and very loving and look forward to spending time with your pets!Request Franz

Zuri » As an LA native, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that “fur-babies” not only exist but are a way of life. Pets can become an integral part of your family because of the real value and love pets bring to enrich our lives. I know this firsthand growing up with pets whom I have cherished throughout the years. I love interacting and taking care of animals and, it’s something I find immensely rewarding. Whether it’s pet-sitting or walking your pet, I know the importance of spending time with them and showing affection. I have a genuine connection with animals and I treasure time with them. Sadly, my apartment does not allow pets so I fill that void by volunteering at the German Shepherd Rescue on weekends and pet-sitting for friends/family. I am looking forward to meeting your pet soon!Request Zuri

Sky » Growing up as a part-time farm girl I developed a lovely connection with animals. From age 3 I would visit the ranch on weekends and learn all about the care and attention they needed, and eventually I was helping feed and groom the horses, goats, chickens and dogs. Throughout my life at home my mom and I would also adopt the sweetest cats, hamsters, rats, and rabbits. Although sometimes it could be a dirty job, it is always easily worth it to see them comfortable, clean and happy! These pets brought me to see how important it is to give equal love and empathy to any animal, and so I became very conscious of using cruelty-free products and eating a vegan diet. Today I am living in the city with my rabbit, Bun, who is potty-box trained and loves to snuggle up in bed eating bananas. Most of my pets have started out shy, but with some extra love and attention they always seem to open up to me and we're cuddling in no time! So whether your furry baby is hyper or shy, I feel positive that we will get along purrfectly!Request Sky

Adrienne » I grew up on a small farm in Rhode Island and our family consisted of, at almost all times, two dogs, three cats, ducks, chickens, geese, a rabbit, parakeets and fish. We even rescued a baby skunk one time. My parents instilled in me and my siblings a compassion for animals. My very first paying job was dog sitting for the neighbors and now I pet sit for friends and co-workers. I have a genuine love of animals, from chihuahuas to newfoundlands, and understand that an animal is more than just a pet; they are a member of your family and need a best friend to help take care of them. You can trust that I will give your pet as much love and attention that you give them yourself.Request Adrienne

Rachel » I grew up learning to love animals from the day I was born. My parents had two rescue dogs who became my best friends the moment I was brought home. As a young traveler I made friends with animals all over the world, from dolphins and sea lions in rescue facilities in Florida to wild birds in California, I have made furry friends everywhere I went. I grew up scuba diving and studying marine life, so when I decided to develop and take care of a 100gal saltwater aquarium, I felt right at home. I have had a saltwater aquarium, freshwater aquariums, chameleons, as well as worked in a wildlife animal rescue facility, handling baby birds and learning the ins and outs of caring for them and cleaning up after them. I spent the majority of my young adulthood rescuing kittens, including pulling them from shelters, getting them medical attention, nourishing and re-homing the sweet babies. I moved away and started taking care of my friend’s dog who needed quarantine to be able to move the dog to Hawaii and he could not be the one to do the quarantine. I have rescued and rehomed many puppies and kittens. I currently have two kitties that came from two different rescue situations, one of them wears a harness and used to come with me everywhere, but now that he has a brother they stay home together. I love animals and really enjoy learning about their individual personalities and developing relationships with beings that have such unconditional love.Request Rachel

Zdenka » I grew up in Slovakia. Since early childhood I was surrounded with animals and had a special connection with them. My dad is a veterinarian, working at many ranches and farms, also breeds labradors. I’ve been very close to dogs, cats, horses and loved them from very young age. My mom rode horses and introduced me to them at the age of 1 year old. I have been around many births and carrying for puppies and older dogs as well. Since arriving in USA I decided to get my own doggie that became my best friend, truly my everything. Her name was Lola, she was a black labrador and we were inseparable from day one. I got her at age of 8 weeks, she was with me for 15 years. I took care of her through everything that elderly age brought. I walked and pet sat friend’s pets if they went out of town, or my neighbors. At my new place I can not have pets which made me decide to become a pet sitter, walker and be around them more and enjoy the fun activities as well as caring for them. I’d like to be your Walking Shepherd, can not wait to meet your best friend :)Request Zdenka

Nikita » I grew up around animals for nearly my entire life. Since my elementary days, my home was shared with dogs, fish, and hamsters. My family welcomed all animals and taught me to respect and care for them whether they lived under our household or not. In addition to my own pets, my friends and family had cats and reptiles who occasionally needed my help. At the moment, I don’t have my own pets, although my family has two adorable dogs whom I treat as my own. Every visit back home reminds me how family pets are more than just animals—they are our companions and part of our family. As a previous pet owner, I understand your pets’ importance and would love to help you during your busy schedule, promising to give them the love and attention they deserve.Request Nikita

Lorena » Growing up in LA, I owned a wide variety of different pets from a duck, a rabbit, a toad, a turtle, a frog, and a dog, to all different types of fish. It wasn’t until I was given the love of my life, my cat-son, Timber, that I realized just how much I loved animals. I quickly became the go-to pet sitter for my family, friends, and coworkers. They entrusted me with their guinea pigs, birds, turtles, rabbits, cats, and dogs while they were away. I cherish the individual personalities that each animal has and I’m looking forward to meeting and becoming best friends with your pet. They are sure to get extra special attention and love when I stop by for a visit!Request Lorena

Nicole » Most people know me as a “crazy cat lady” due to my unending love and fascination for cats. However, my affection extends towards all animals ranging from dogs, rabbits, even chickens. I used to be scared of dogs when I was a little girl, but my boyfriend’s three dogs showed me how loving and adorable they can be. I am now a “mama” to a sassy little chihuahua named Lilo. Furthermore, with my experience in caring for a variety of animals, I am confident that I can provide exceptional pet care while making sure that your furry/feathery/scaly family member stays happy and healthy! Request Nicole

Jasmin » Growing up in Los Angeles, my family were owners of many animals, from different fish, to birds, to turtles, to cats and dogs and a hamster or two. Being around animals from a young age really taught me to have compassion for them and an understanding that all animals need love too, not just us humans. Being a cat mom now, I have an even more immense understanding of what it takes to care for an animal. I take great care to understand what kind of pet mine is so that I may better cater to his needs, whether it be with lots of affection, space, or a mix of both, and I will make sure I extend this to any pet I take care of because they all deserve it! I understand that pets are family, they bring joy to our lives and a sense of purpose because you live for them as well and I also know that with that comes worry about how to best care for them when you are away. Being a cat mom, I strive to be the best possible care giver of any pet because I know I would want the same from anyone taking care of my baby boy. But no worries! You can rest assured, your pet will be in great hands when I am there! Request Jasmin

Heidi » Hello! My name is Heidi and animals are my whole life. I have always had cats and dogs in my life, some of them from birth to old age. I have cats of my own and my sweet Tiger Lily is blind and has high blood pressure but with lots of love and attention, she's doing just great. My heart belongs to all animals, but there is a special place there for special needs babies who can tell that I understand their struggles and who trust me to help ease those difficulties with love and a gentle touch. I've cared for many dogs, some also having special needs. I know and love all the best hikes in and around Hollywood for those energetic pups! I'm known to my friends as an animal whisperer who has rescued and re-homed and released back into the wild, countless birds, small mammals, turtles, cats, dogs, and even a chinchilla. The pets others find problematic often gravitate towards me! Animals, even wild ones, just seem to trust me. I have helped TNR many feral cats, two of which I kept, who are now the sweetest love bugs imaginable. I love others pets as though they are my own and I look forward to meeting yours. :) Request Heidi

Genna » As someone who is highly sensitive and in tune with the rhythms of this world, I have always had a special connection with animals. I grew up with 1-3 cats (depending on the year) and watched them all fight sickness and injury with strength and grace. I personally identify most closely with cats, as I am calm, strong-willed when I need to be, and full of love. I also love to hang out with dogs and have cared for birds and fish in the past as well. When I meet a new animal friend, I approach them calmly and with care, and I am often met with surprise from pet owners at how delicately their animals react to my energy. I have experience cat-sitting, house-sitting, and dog-walking for the past couple of years. I recently moved down to Los Angeles from Berkeley, and I can't wait to make new animal friends in this area. Whether it's a cozy cuddle sesh with your kitty or an exhilarating walk with your pup, I'm ready to help with all of your needs! Request Genna

Carolyn » As a LA native, I have come across all different types of pets from dogs to chinchillas and have yet to find a furry friend that I don't like taking care of. Growing up with three family dogs, I learned at a young age how important a pet's role can be in someone's family. I began pet sitting at the age of 18 during my time in San Francisco, for a part timecollege job. During my time as a pet sitter, I'vecared for many different types of pets with differentbehavior issues such as dementia, food aggression,weak joints, etc. I’ve learned with trust and patience, any pet whether it is a dog or chinchilla, will warm up to their caretaker. I understand the anxiety of leaving your pet alone during the day or while your going on a trip, I would love to be the sitter to ease your mind and take care of your furry friend. Request Carolyn

Nikole » For as long as I can remember, my family and I have always owned one to two dogs at a time. All with such varied personalities. Currently, I own two mixed breed dogs. Both crave the active outside world as I do. So, hiking with my dogs and friends on the many trails in and around LA is what I like to do on my spare time. Growing up, my family and I have also owned birds and loads and loads of fish. For years, my neighbors and I have taken upon ourselves to take care of the "wild" cats that roam in and out of our houses. Occasionally in the past, I have pet sat for family, friends, and colleagues. I recently moved back from living in NYC for two years. I can't help but appreciate the opportunity to spend quality time with my dogs, compared to living in a stuffy small apartment with two other roommates. Thank you LA Pet Sitting for giving me the opportunity to meet fellow pet owners and their pets! I look forward to caring for your pet(s) as my own. Request Nikole